Let’s get it right!!

Port Credit Marina lands is Lake Ontario’s best kept secret…an awe-inspiring 18-acre parcel of fully accessible waterfront land that sits right at Mississauga’s doorstep, just steps from Mineola.  Plans are being formulated to re-develop this property. The Marina Lands Master Plan appeared on the Planning and Development Committee Agenda for Mon, May 30.  It is item 5.5 REPORT


Should condo towers be built on the property?

  • If so, how high?
  • How much space should the public be able to access?
  • All of it?
  • None of it?
  • Somewhere in between?

Port Credit Marina Lands are currently slated for development and we feel the creation of substantial, meaningful, year-round public space should be given the same level of consideration as height and density condo developments..

What’s so special about the Marina Lands?

The location of the Marina lands is unique in Lake Ontario, if not the Great Lakes:

  • It’s a peninsula that protrudes right out into Lake Ontario. The result is incredible views: To the east is one of the most amazing views of the Toronto skyline. Watch the light reflect Toronto’s skyline as the sun sets. Or, if you’re an early bird, watch the sunrise over the lake. These are treasured sites to behold
  • It’s adjacent to the Credit River with all the water-related activities that people enjoy there: rowing, paddle boarding, kayaking and dragon boats
  • The village of Port Credit is only a block away with a variety of restaurants and local shops
  • Home to one of Lake Ontario’s largest marina’s with approximately 800 slips

Credit Reserve Association Involvement:

1 Port St isn’t located within Credit Reserve Association’s boundaries. However, given the importance of this property to Mississauga and its proximity to the Credit Reserve Association’s catchment area, Credit Reserve Association Directors feel strongly that it warrants our attention.
Credit Reserve Association is working with TOPCA (Town Of Port Credit Association) and Lakeview Ratepayer’s Association to raise awareness and represent the resident stakeholders’ interests.

In the deputations made to the PDC on May 30, 2016 by Mary Furlin and Keith Metz, directors of the Credit Reserve Association stressed the following:

  • The message we have heard from the City representatives is that “this site needs to be extraordinary”, “a waterfront for everyone”, “a city-wide resource”, “a vibrant waterfront neighbourhood and destination with a full service marina that celebrates its unique waterfront”. We fully agree.
  • The issue is that the current proposal does not meet these goals. While we commend the City staff for working on a plan within very tight financial constraints, we believe that a unique opportunity is being lost.  We understand the provincial mandate for development and density– but it has to be the right development at the right location.
  • The 1 Port Street location is unique – a natural deep water harbor on Lake Ontario, at the base of Hurontario. Given the expected increase in population, over $1B is being spent on a world class LRT and one of the mandates is to bring people to the Lake.
  • Under the current proposal, when the people get to the Lake, they will share, along with the residents of the proposed 1,500 new housing units, a Destination Park that is only .77 acres – only 5% of the potential development area. That area is the size of two residential lots.
  • There will also be a 15m promenade, but with all the buildings on the site, including a potential 22 story one at the southern tip, the entire East side of the promenade will be in shade for much of the day.
  • In the public consultations, it was clear that people wanted a significant component as Public Realm, with more green space and room for activities. Yet the plans have always started from the developers’ perspective: what kinds of buildings should the site have.
  • We’re all taxpayers and we recognize the need to fund city projects. But the perspective here is too narrow.  Consider the full benefits of a truly inspiring Public Realm – the defining shot of Mississauga that can be presented around the world to attract investment and people, viewed from the Lake will be inspiring:   the Credit River, the large Public Realm, the full-service Marina, and the LRT in the distance.
  • We do not support 1,500 units on this site, but if there does need to be a large number of housing units, our preference would be to put them in two taller condos at the North end of the property, rather than spread over the whole site. That would allow for a significant Public Realm to make this a real destination for all of the residents of Mississauga.