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Membership Fee : $10.  This fee covers 2022, 2023 and 2024.

We are proud to serve as your Credit Reserve Association Directors year after year and kindly ask that you continue to support your neighbourhood by renewing your membership or becoming a new member this year. Resident support allows us to continue our volunteer work for our community in tackling the varied issues and keeping you informed.

It’s easy. Simply pay your annual Membership dues:

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Membership (household) $10
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PAPER:    by mailing your renewal form and a cheque payable to the Credit Reserve Association c/o Teodor Kochmar at 387 Atwater Avenue, L5G-2A2, or drop off your form and cheque in his mailbox.   Thank you for your support.

2022 Credit Reserve Association Membership Form*

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Questions about CRA Membership?

Your Credit Reserve Association Membership supports the association’s volunteers who work hard to promote the interests of the Mineola community. Think of the Credit Reserve Association as a resource for your neighbourhood…

  • They act as a recognized, respected, powerful, collective voice for the community
  • They communicate relevant activities and events within and bordering the Mineola neighbourhood
  • They educate the neighbourhood about the issues that affect them
  • They solicit input from the Mineola neighbourhood
  • They create awareness and spearhead important neighbourhood-wide issues
  • They assist in the formation of sub-committees for local issues of interest

The volunteers for the Credit Reserve Association are just that, volunteers.  However, there are “hard costs” that are incurred from time to time and the money collected from dues is used to pay for these hard costs. Here are some examples:

  • Production of newsletters
  • Neighbourhood emails
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Legal opinions and at times, legal representation

The Credit Reserve Association Membership is open to all residents*, eighteen (18) and over.

*”Residents” defined as those living within the Credit Reserve Association boundaries:

West……Credit River
South…..CNR railway tracks
East…….Cooksville Creek / Kenmuir Ave

Membership is for the calendar year. You can become a Credit Reserve Association Member at anytime:

  • Sign up on-line or print and deliver our CRA newsletters and membership forms
  • See our membership table at the CRA’s Annual General Meeting
  • Respond to a membership flyer (delivered to your mailbox)
Generally the Credit Reserve Association gets involved in issues that impact large areas of the Mineola neighbourhood. Here are some examples:

  • Attending community meetings, tracking and disseminating information re Mississauga’s LRT plan
  • Co-ordinate with MIRANET to make changes to Mississauga’s Tree Protection By-law
  • Write up and submit deputations for major developments and Committee of Adjustment applications (either in person or mail)
  • Bring about awareness of upcoming Committee of Adjustments and Major Developments via the Credit Reserve Association’s website
  • Email distribution with updates on community events such as the Credit Reserve Association’s Annual General meeting

There are always interesting projects coming up in and around our community.  As a volunteer you can help the team as they get involved with:

  • future planning
  • environmental responsibility
  • tree care and preservation
  • communication and education
  • traffic planning and safety issues
  • community issues and events