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You can call Mississauga 311 and order a FREE street tree for the front of your property?  The City will plant it too!

Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash borer is a highly invasive insect that has caused much devastation since the early 1990’s when it was brought to North America by cargo ships arriving from Asia.EmeraldAshBorer2

We are seeing a large number of trees starting to die off as the infestation starts to spread across the City of Mississauga. The Forestry department is working at taking down many public owned trees over the next year that have died as a result, but those that can be saved are being marked with a ‘blue dot’ and will be treated. Please visit the city website and review what you can do to help save your trees.

Blue Dot on Tree marked for treatment

On a Happier Note

Tree Squirrel

Trees are Home to Mineola’s Furry residents!

Trees play a critical role in defining the character of the Mineola neighbourhood

Efforts to nurture and protect the tree canopy fall into 2 main categories:

  1. Saving existing trees
  2. Replenishing with new tree planting

Trees are important:

  • Property Value:
    • Mature trees increase home values by adding beauty and character to neighbourhoods
  • Health and Wellbeing:
    • Trees improve air quality
    • Trees and nature are proven stress reducers
    • Trees provide privacy and reduce city noise
  • Environment:
    • Shade trees reduce air conditioning costs, saving energy
    • Evergreens can reduce heating costs by acting as windbreaks
  • Trees improve drainage and prevent erosion
  • Home for habitat:
    • Trees provide food and shelter for birds and forest creatures
  • Heritage:
    • The Mineola forest we live in connects us to our past and defines our future. Many of our mature trees are over 70 years old and can live another 50 years!
  • For more background on the importance of trees, click to read “Healthy Urban Forests: a Must Have for Smart Cities” published in the Globe and Mail, September 26, 2014

Who will speak for the trees?

Mark Cullen, in an article in the Toronto Star, October 12, 2012 wrote: “As I have said in the past, the biggest problem with trees is that they are their own worst public relations agents. They don’t advertise, they just do their job, and if you cut them down no one hears them squeal. It is up to smart and concerned citizens of our city to do the squealing for the trees.”

Ecological Landscaping & Restoration Resources

Credit Valley Conservation LogoCredit Valley Conservation encourages ecological (or, environmental) landscaping and gardening on all lands.  It is a way of thinking about and caring for land, water, air, plants and animals.

Ecological landscaping can help protect and restore the natural environment, while making our communities even better places in which to live and work. Click for more(from the CVC’s website).

New Planting – Free Trees!

Call 3-1-1 . . . You may be eligible to have a tree planted on the city portion of your property!

All you have to do is call the City of Mississauga (3-1-1) and request a street tree on the boulevard near your house. This is a great way of increasing our street canopy! The Forestry department will have one of their staff contact you to get all the details and will send out an inspector to assess the location and what species would be best planted. They only offer this program on city owned land which includes land between the street and your lot line (often several feet in from the street). As the guidelines are different on each street, they will assess and approve each tree planting on an individual basis. Due to the ice storm and devastation from the Emerald ash borer, the Forestry department has been very busy and it is taking longer than usual for the inspectors to follow up on each request. Please be patient as they will get to you as soon as they can.

one million trees

Mississauga residents that volunteer at select tree planting events in Mississauga are able to Adopt-a-Tree for their own property. At the volunteer event, residents receive a native tree best suited for their property, and with help from staff, will learn about native species and proper planting techniques in order to take care of their new tree. Visit for more details.