Credit Reserve Association – who are we?


Located just north of Lake Ontario and the Village of Port Credit, bounded on the west by the Credit River and on the east by the Cooksville Creek and Kenmuir Ave., the Credit Reserve’s area has a rich history – evolving from an Indian Reserve to an orchard and farming area and now to one of Mississauga’s most desirable residential communities.  The Credit Reserve Association was formed by a large group of concerned residents when new and infill development proposals threatened the historical character and the urban forest that defines this community.  Working with the City of Mississauga’s Council and Planning Staff, the Association has worked diligently to allow for appropriate development that preserves and enhances the area’s unique character.

Streets without curbs and sidewalks are typical in the Mineola area.

Streets without curbs and sidewalks are typical in the Mineola area.

“Mineola was developed before it became standard practice to re-grade top soil into large piles in the early twentieth century, level every nuance of natural topography and engineer the complete storm water drainage system artificially.  In Mineola a road system was gently imposed on the natural rolling topography of the Iroquois Plain; homes were nestled into slightly larger lots and natural drainage areas were retained. This provided greater opportunity to save existing trees and because the soils and drainage system were minimally impacted, provided fertile ground for the planting of new vegetation, the natural regeneration of native trees and landscaping of the residential landscapes. What has evolved today is a wonderful neighbourhood with a variety of quality housing stock and a rich stimulating landscape that blends the houses with their natural and manicured surroundings. There are no curbs on the roads which softens the transition between street and front yards. The roads wind, rise and fall with the natural topography and houses sit often at odd angles to take advantage of slopes and the location of large trees. A gradual infilling has increased the density over the years and care must be taken to ensure that this does not, in the end, ruin the very quality and character that makes this neighbourhood so appealing and attractive. Of the many neighbourhoods in Mississauga, the Mineola neighbourhood stands out as one of the most visually interesting and memorable. As is often the case, when new development is balanced with the protection of the natural environment, a truly livable and sustainable community evolves. Mineola is an excellent example of this type of community.”

Excerpt from City of Mississauga Cultural Landscape Inventory L-RES-6

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