Community Dialogue led by the Lakeview Community Advisory Panel

The Lakeview Community Advisory Panel (LCAP) and concerned residents have been meeting every Tuesday evening to analyze and make sense of the Lakeview Village plans and studies. They are now trying to share what they have found with the Lakeview Ratepayers Board and to key community stakeholders so the Panel can carry forward ideas and concerns.  For example, it appears that the design of the destination waterfront parks may be left to the end of the process.

Below are the three topics we all determined as priority for discussion.

  1. Waterfront parks and lakefront connection
  2. Intensification and built form impact (height and massing, streets, transportation and includes matching units and density to infrastructure, protecting our neighborhoods)
  3. Sustainability (economic, social (health & income), environmental, cultural (arts/ethnicity)

In addition, please see below for the following confirmed meeting dates for the coming weeks. All meetings will commence at 7:30pm at the Army & Navy (upstairs room).
Wednesday April 17
Tuesday April 23
Monday April 29 PDC meeting (City Hall)
Tuesday April 30
Tuesday May 7
Tuesday May 14

If you are interested in participating, please contact:  Deborah Goss <>