Crestview Plaza propsed townhouse development

1640 Crestview Planning Review

Carlyle Communities Crestview Inc. the owner/developer of 1640 Crestview Ave. has submitted a set of revised plans to the city. These changes include:

  1. A reduction in the number of townhouse units from 24 to 23;
  2. A change in the number and layout of townhouse blocks. Block 3, which was previously located along the south lot line, has been broken into two blocks and relocated to the north beside Blocks 1 and 2;
  3. A relocation of the private condominium road and access driveway on Crestview Avenue, common amenity area and visitor parking spaces;
  4. An increase in the number of storeys of some of the townhouses, which are now all to be 4 storeys; whereas previously Block 3 was to be 3 storeys.

These changes do nothing to improve the development for the surrounding neighbours and give clear indication that the owner/developer has not taken into account community opinion.

According to the city planning department, the key findings on these revised changes are:

  1. The applicant has appealed the applications to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The pre-hearing conference is scheduled for April 6, 2016.
  2. The applications should be refused for several reasons including excessive height, scale and massing, and a lack of an appropriate built form transition.
  3. Staff are seeking direction from Council to attend any OMB proceedings which may take place in connection with the applications and in support of the recommendations outlined in this report.

March 21st at 8:00 pm City planning staff will be presenting these finding as part of a Recommendation Report on the proposal to the Planning and Development Committee in the Council Chamber of Mississauga Civic Centre.  We encourage anyone with an opinion on the development to attend and voice their concern in aid of the city planners. Please find the Credit Reserve’s letter to the planning committee.

April 6th, an OMB pre-hearing conference has been scheduled.

Drawings of the proposed plans can be found through these links: