How about a PARK!

Wouldn’t you like to see more green space in the Canada Lands Port St. development?  We do!

In the above picture, the 22-story condo has been replaced with a park and a small boutique food pavilion that can house public restrooms.  What a thought, cater to the pedestrians!

Below is an overlay of the Sydney opera house to show what a cultural playground this spot could be.






If you are interested in voicing your opinion or you have your own creative idea for the space please send us an email ( and please remember to share this page with your neighbours!


Recently a town hall was held to gather further community input on this development, the Mississauga News was there to summarize:

Some highlights from the article:

“This is our one chance to get it right,” Mary Furlin, a director of the Credit Reserve Association told the meeting at Clarke Hall.

The “unique site” lies at the termination point of the $1.6 billion Hurontario LRT that will run from Brampton to Port Credit and draw thousands to the waterfront magnet in future.

“When they come down to the lake, they are going to come to this park so it has to be a real destination point,” Furlin emphasized.