the mostly empty shopping plaza at 1640 Crestview

Crestview Plaza Re-Development

A development application has been proposed for the shopping plaza lands on Crestview at the South Service Road.  For years, this plaza has been sitting almost empty, except for the Huf Fitness centre.

The current proposal would see the site re-zoned and developed for residential townhouses.  Concerns have been raised by neighbourhood residents and the Credit Reserve Association regarding the size and density of the proposal.

A meeting was held June 22 at City Hall to present the application and get feedback from the community.  The following are observations from Teo Kochmar, one of our CRA Directors who attended the meeting:

  • A lot of neighbours showed up (at the point when the discussion ended, half of the chambers emptied);
  • Councillor Tovey started things off by noting a few things:
    • The property needs a face lift and cannot find new tenants for the plaza;
    • Commercial development options have been exhausted and looks like residential is the only option remaining;
    • No decision has been made and he’s looking forward to the resubmission;
    • Still soliciting comments from the neighbours;
    • Developer still has a lot of work to do to make this application acceptable;
    • Wants to challenge MTO’s requirement of 14m setback, considering if QEW expands it will be on the north side;
  • Speakers included residents of Briarhill Dr. (185, 206), Service Rd. (177), and the only tenant of the plaza (1640 Crestview);
  • Everyone spoke of the issues summarized in CRA Chair – John McKinnon’s letter (height of buildings and density, insufficient parking and spill over onto the adjacent streets, loss of privacy, safety and traffic);
  • The plaza tenant mentioned that she gets contacted all the time about leasing the space, so not sure why they cannot find more tenants;
  • 206 Briarhill Dr. resident noted that when they decided to invest in the property and build a new home she had to sign an affidavit that she would not put a basement apartment in…  this developer should not be allowed to increase density.
  • a letter has been sent from the CRA to the Clerk’s Office summarizing all aforementioned concerns.  And included the concern about architectural features of this development and how they are “free for all.”

To see the Credit Reserve Association’s letter, click here: CRA_letter_2015_06_22-1640 Crestview