Stavebank Townhomes

Townhomes on Stavebank?

The landscape of the historical and spacious properties in Mineola is at risk.  It might not be long before the character of our beloved neighbourhood is changed forever and we are no longer the largest residential woodlot in Mississauga.

Drive down to Pine or Maple avenue north of Lakeshore in Port Credit and you’ll find that several homes on 50-foot lots have been  torn down and replaced with semi-detached homes.  Imagine how many homes would fit on a 100-foot frontage?  Some may consider them tastefully modern; in fact, some residents will too, but this kind of unscrupulous development is myopic in nature as it focuses on cramming as many dwellings on a single lot as possible, while ignoring the city plans and impacts to the neighbourhood as a whole.  One project can completely transform a neighborhood as it will set a precedent for other similar projects to follow.  This is not to mention the dissemination of trees that result from these types of unscrupulous developments and unmitigated re-zoning.  Families put a lot of time and effort figuring out where they want to live paying a premium to live and raise their families in Mineola.  Has our neighbourhood become about the bottom line?  The residents need to drive the future plans of our neighborhood working with the developers that will be long gone after the development has bee completed. 

Pine Townhome




According to the Mississauga Official Plan (MOP), and contrary to what developers argue, capacity for the influx of residents is already addressed by the currently approved home projects, including the Lakeview townhome project. This is supposed to accommodate volume until the year 2041.  Meanwhile, developers are taking advantage of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) process to change the city plans and zoning by-laws that protect the official plan for our neighborhood.  The OMB process as it stands right now heavily favors developers while muffling the voices of communities directly impacted by OMB decisions.  The Queen’s Park has recognized this flaw and is looking to significant reform the OMB (see links below), however, when and what impact this reform may have on unscrupulous development is not known at this time.

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