OMB Cases in Mineola

Ontario Municipal Board (“OMB”) Updates

1)       1388 Broadmoor Ave. – Closed File – Case Number: PL160999

Summary: The OMB supports this consent to sever the lot into two.  The OMB ruled out the possibility of this becoming a precedent setting trend, as the designated lands are a minor collector abutting a major collector road (Mineola). This helps to distinguish these lands as unique, thereby reducing the threat of other lots being severed.

Details:  The OMB called the lot severance a modest intensification in a stable but not static OP neighborhood, which conforms to the Greater Golden Horseshore Growth Plan (GGH) & Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). Although five trees are allowed to be cut down for the proposed development, a total of 24 are to remain. The OMB noted:  “[30] What is not considered in this expression of concern is the important distinguishing fact that the Subject Lands are an edge condition. The particular characteristics of the Subject Lands are not replicated elsewhere in the nearby LD1 area north of Mineola Road East. [31] The Subject Lands are across the street from the LD2 area. As a result of the requirement of the 120 m analysis, lands that are in the LD2 area are within the neighbourhood of the Subject Lands. [32] The Subject Lands front on Mineola Road East, which the City identifies as a major collector. There is a bus stop in front of the Subject Lands on Mineola Road East. Broadmoor Avenue is identified by the City as a minor collector. The result is an intersection of two streets identified by the City as appropriate to carry more traffic than any of the local streets more internal to the LD1 area north of Mineola Road East. [33] The facts and characteristics of the location of the Subject Lands clearly distinguish them from corner lots further north and internal to the LD1 area.”

2)       1640 Crestview Ave. – Open File – Case Number: PL151083

Summary:  OMB has agreed to mediation, as City has no objection to the proposal per se. Height, Density & Massing of proposal to be amended in a settlement conference that took place on August 11, 2017. Final proposed design TBA, but it appears that approval is forthcoming.

3)      1142 Mona Rd. – Open File – Case Number: PL170371

The OMB presided on Oct. 23, 2017, whereby parties submitted their request to be recognized with the ability to call expert witnesses. The City of Mississauga, a Private Planner, and the Credit Reserve Association are expected to submit list of required experts for witness testimony before the OMB before 2018. The next OMB prehearing conference is the end of January 2018 where the Board will allot a hearing schedule to suit the number of witnesses.