Mona Rd Update

To read the full report, please click this link City Report on 1142 Mona

Queenscorp’s proposed development on this 1.23-acre site consists of 17 townhomes and 1 freestanding home at 1142 Mona Rd.   The current Official Plan Zoning By-laws designate this area as low density, single-family dwellings. Queenscorp’s variance application would require a change to allow for medium density (townhome) development. The Credit Reserve Association and area residents expressed opposition and comments about this proposed project to the City on June 26 th and July 5, 2017. The Commissioner of Planning and Building issued their report dated September 21, 2017 which concludes that “the proposed official plan amendment and rezoning applications are not acceptable from a planning standpoint and should not be approved”.  Furthermore, “the proposal introduces a built form which is distinctly different from both the existing and planned character of the neighbourhood and does so in a layout which is not sensitive to the neighbouring properties and natural features. This site could set a precedent for future proposals in the area.”  On October 16 th , 2017, the Planning and Development Committee unanimously agreed that the City Council direct the City Solicitor, representatives from the appropriate City Departments and any necessary consultants to attend the Ontario Municipal Board (“OMB”) hearing to contest this development. The OMB pre-hearing was held on October 23, 2017. The Credit Reserve Association and several residents have received party status, which will allow them to engage fully in the hearings, including the hiring of experts. Other residents will register as “participants” and present before the board.