Mona Rd Townhouses


We need your support regarding
1142 Mona Proposed 17 Townhouse Development

Queenscorp has proposed a development of 17 townhouses and one detached house in a 1.3 acres lot where a single detached home currently exists. Specifically their proposal calls for: Townhouses within the community, up to 3 stories high (71% more height), with 20 foot frontages, and a Gross Floor Area over 3 times the allowable limit.

These will require an amendment to the Mississauga Official Plan and the zoning bylaw. This amendment will create a precedent for further dense townhouse developments within our neighbourhood. For example, could 4 townhouses be built on any 90 foot lot?

What do you want for our neighbourhood? Join us, Jim Tovey and City Planners:

Ward 1 Hall Meeting
March 28, 2016, 7-9pm
Clarke Memorial Hall
161 Lakeshore Road West

If you cannot attend, please contact us with your thoughts by sending us an e-mail to:
Credit Reserve Association <>