Lakview Village Masterplan


The Inspiration Lakeview Master Plan calls for the aforementioned 177-acre brownfield site to transform to a mixed-use community with a variety of residential building types, parkland, cultural and employment uses, with buildings featuring environmentally sustainable designs to be built by
Lakeview Community Partners (LCP).  Lakeview Village will house 20,000 people or more and create more than 3,000 new jobs.  This development will double the population of Lakeview.

This development will also result in the remediating of 67 acres of waterfront land. The remediated land will be transferred back to the city.

The April 2018  master plan for Inspiration Lakeview involved approximately 5,000 new units.  The new plans reflect over 1,500 additional units.

There are updated plans for the site and studies.  Please see the following links:

City of Mississauga- Lakeview

Lakeview Community Partners