April 2019 Newsletter

April 2019 Newsletter Credit Reserve Association


Ward 1 Councillor

We wish to congratulate our new Ward 1 Councilor, Stephen Dasko.  We look forward to consultation and collaboration with him on the many issues facing our neighbourhood.

Please come out to meet Mr. Dasko at our Annual General Meeting on May 30, 2019 at Kenollie Public School.  Details will follow.

Local Planning Appeal Board (LPAT)

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has been replaced with the new LPAT. It is important to engage early by making concerns known at statutory public meetings or submitting concerns in writing to council ahead of decisions to protect an individual’s right to appeal to LPAT. Also note that the LPAT is still a formal and complex process, often requiring a lawyer and a planner.  The new Local Planning Appeal Support Centre will provide legal and planning help for citizens and community associations.

Email: info@lpasc.ca or Call: 647-499-1646   Toll-free: 1-800-993-8410


Development in Mineola for 2019 and the future continues at a rapid pace.  We are working to represent the community to encourage development that is appropriate for our unique neighbourhood.  Our main challenge is to protect our residential woodland with its majestic trees and large lots.  Below is a summary of key developments.  For more details, please see our website: www.credit-reserve.com

Hurontario LRT -The plan is to have the terminus be underground at the new Port Credit GO station.  Metrolinx illustration:

LRT Changes announced March 21, 2019 include:

  • Removing the Mississauga city centre loop; deferring the pedestrian bridge at the Cooksville; and changes to street-scaping along the corridor.

Port Credit- With over 100 acres under development and over 10,000 new residents within 5-10 years, Port Credit requires improved mobility along Lakeshore Road.

QEW Credit River bridge –will provide additional highway lanes, as well as pedestrian and bicycle crossings over the river. Updated information is available at: QEW Credit River Bridge.

1142 Mona Road Townhouses – the developer has applied to the former OMB (now LPAT) to build 17 townhomes and 1 freestanding home.  The LPAT hearing ran for 4 weeks starting January 28, 2019. The Credit Reserve Association is a participant at these hearings. We will be posting our submission and other key documents on our website in May.  The LPAT decision may take up to 6 months or more.


Credit Reserve Association Directors

Please contact us at: cra.mail@credit-reserve.com

Marlene Baur-LaRose Mary Furlin, Chair Teodor Kochmar
Nicholas Dell Blake Harper Alan McBride
Grant Fisher Loretta James Monica Riopelle


Can You Help?  We are always looking for additional support and resources.  Please let us know if you have an interest in helping us help our community.


We are proud to serve as your Credit Reserve Association Directors year after year and kindly ask that you continue to support your neighbourhood by renewing your membership or becoming a new member this year. Resident support allows us to continue our volunteer work for our community in tackling the varied issues and keeping you informed. Your membership can be renewed in two ways:

1)  electronically by going to www.credit-reserve.com, click on the Membership tab and use PayPal or 2) by mail/dropping off your renewal form and a cheque payable to the Credit Reserve Association in Teodor Kochmar’s mailbox at 387 Atwater Avenue, L5G-2A2.   Thank you for your support.


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