Stavebank Realign

Stavebank Road Re-Alignment Announcement

Stavebank Realign

From Counselor Tovey’s office:

Thursday September 24th, Mayor Crombie and former Mayor McCallion spoke at the announcement at the Waterside Inn and attended the ground breaking ceremony in front of the Port Credit Post Office. Also attending with Councillor Tovey was Johnathon Dent, Regional Head GTA West for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), Dr. James and Johnathan James from Centre City Capital.

There are many components required to achieve the re-alignment of the intersection. It has been a four year process to get to the point where construction on the Post Office portion can start next week.

First, the sorting room section of the Post Office will be torn down and replaced with a new glass addition with much needed office space for Port Credit. Two levels of underground parking are included with the development. The historic portion of the Post Office, built in 1923 will be preserved.

Once completed, CIBC, located on the south-east corner of the intersection, will re-locate into the Post Office site.
The final step will be to tear down the old CIBC building, allowing the City of Mississauga to re-align the intersection.